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Trust us to deliver what you want…

When designing healthcare furniture and interiors you have to ask the question, “What is it you really want?” There are a multitude of considerations, constraints and requirements that influence the answer to this question calling for an holistic approach to design. An example of one of these influences is “infection prevention”, but this is not the answer to the question in itself. So what is the answer? What do you want? To release the time to care? To create a healing environment? To enhance the patient and staff experience? To allow for growth and change well in to the future? By recognising all of these as “What you really want” our range of products and interior designs are just that…What you really want.

Release the time to care

Many healthcare buildings are now 30, 40 even 50 years old. However some things have changed beyond recognition – health and safety, technology, patient expectations, legislation, all of which have a huge impact on the ‘time to care’. The design of work-spaces and workflow inspired by innovative storage solutions, flexible workstations, services integration, and other products that contribute to efficient operations will help deliver one of the things you really want…

…more time to care

  • Release the time to care

    • Space

    • Security

    • Workflow

    • Productivity

Create a healing environment

A patient needs to be safe, comfortable, free of hospital acquired infection and provided privacy when needed. An intelligent use of space, colour, materials and technology will help improve health and wellbeing and provide one of the things you really want…

…a healing environment

  • Create a healing environment

    • Privacy & Dignity

    • Aesthetics

    • Infection Prevention

    • Health & Safety

Enhance the patient and staff experience

No other environment has such a concentration of personnel with such a range of needs, roles and tasks. A healthcare environment involves a constant process of staff-to-staff and staff-to-patient interactions, 24 hours a day. Many staff work under immense pressure. Designing products and spaces that positively facilitate these interactions, increase productivity and minimise tension, helps to deliver one of the things you really want….

…an enhanced patient and staff experience

  • Enhance the patient and staff experience

    • DDA

    • Ergonomics

    • Staff Environment

    • Expectations

Provide for the future

Future proofing through adaptive dynamics might sound like waffle, but without it we will continue to see products being installed in the healthcare environment that have no ability to provide for the future. Technology changes, damage occurs, departments expand, legislation becomes more stringent, and even tastes and fashions are cyclical. By asking “how can we allow for this in our product design?” we are utilising ‘adaptive dynamics’ and thereby helping to provide one of the things you really want…

…to allow for growth and change well into the future

  • Provide for the future

    • Durability

    • Maintenance

    • Investment

    • Sustainability